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Solutions for small business: Best electronic point of sales (ePOS) system

EPOS system is the best solution for all types of business whether they are small, medium or large scale. It helps in handling inventory management, customer management, analytics and reporting. It's a complete business solution for e-commerce, hospitality, retails, restaurants and small business.


A point-of-sale (POS) system, also referred to as a POS system, is a comprehensive hardware and software solution designed for transactional operations. It facilitates various business functions, including sales, inventory management, and customer data tracking. A POS system can range from a simple card reader to a sophisticated all-in-one solution that incorporates features such as loyalty programs, scheduling, front-of-house management, inventory management, customer relationship management (CRM), and e-commerce capabilities. POS systems find utility across diverse industries, including retail, restaurants, hospitality, and services, catering to businesses of all sizes. If your business relies on transactions of any kind, a POS system is highly likely to be a valuable asset for you, streamlining your operations and enhancing efficiency.

Types of ePOS systems available:

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Restaurant POS

A restaurant POS system is a specialized solution tailored specifically for the restaurant industry. It incorporates advanced functionalities like table management, kitchen display systems, and online ordering capabilities. Additionally, these systems often include inventory management features that enable automated ingredient reordering when supplies run low. Certain POS systems even offer specialized features ideal for managing bars and beverage services.

Retail POS

Designed specifically for retail businesses, a retail POS system provides comprehensive tools to streamline operations. It encompasses inventory management features, customer loyalty programs, and gift card functionality. Some retail POS systems go beyond these essentials and offer additional features such as appointment scheduling and detailed reporting capabilities.

iPad POS

An iPad POS system is a mobile point-of-sale solution that leverages the power of iPads as the primary terminals. These systems have gained popularity due to their portability and user-friendly interfaces. Many iPad POS systems come equipped with built-in functionalities, including credit card processing, scheduling capabilities, and seamless receipt printing.

Mobile POS

The advent of mobile technology has paved the way for mobile POS systems, which can be utilized on smartphones or tablets. These systems have witnessed increased adoption due to their mobility and ease of setup. Mobile POS systems often feature built-in functionalities such as credit card processing, inventory management, and receipt printing, empowering businesses to conduct transactions on the go.

Android POS

An Android POS system is a mobile POS solution that harnesses the capabilities of Android devices as the primary point-of-sale terminals. Thanks to their mobility and intuitive interfaces, these systems are gaining traction in the market. Most Android POS systems offer essential features like credit card processing, barcode scanning, and receipt printing, providing a seamless transaction experience.

Cloud POS

A cloud POS system operates on a cloud-based infrastructure, storing all data online for easy accessibility from any location. These systems are gaining popularity due to their user-friendly setup and utilization, surpassing traditional POS systems. Cloud POS systems often include robust features like inventory management, customer loyalty programs, and gift card functionality, all while offering the advantage of centralized data storage and remote access.

POS Terminal

A POS terminal is a purpose-built solution designed for businesses that require secure credit and debit card processing capabilities. These terminals are equipped with features such as EMV compliance, PCI compliance, and fraud prevention mechanisms, ensuring the secure handling of financial transactions. POS terminals serve as reliable and efficient tools for businesses of all types, providing a secure and seamless payment experience for customers.

List of best electronic point of sales system

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Logic ERP - Retail management

LOGIC ERP is a versatile retail and POS billing solution that offers retailers a comprehensive range of features. With robust billing capabilities and support for multiple payment methods, it allows businesses to handle high-rush walk-ins effectively. The software also includes inventory tracking, promotional tools, and customer loyalty programs, catering to various retail verticals such as apparel, grocery, pharma, and speciality retail. By choosing LOGIC ERP, retailers can streamline operations, enhance inventory management, and foster growth in their business.

WanderSoft POS

Wander Soft POS is a specialized point-of-sale solution tailored for businesses in the travel and hospitality industry. With its powerful features and intuitive interface, Wander Soft POS enables businesses to efficiently handle transactions, manage inventory, and provide seamless customer experiences. This comprehensive POS system integrates seamlessly with other Wander Soft modules, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and gain valuable insights into their sales performance. Whether it's a hotel, restaurant, or tour company, Wander Soft POS offers the necessary tools to optimize sales, improve efficiency, and enhance customer satisfaction in the travel and hospitality sector.

Urban Piper POS

Urban Piper POS is a robust and versatile point-of-sale system designed to meet the specific needs of restaurants and food service businesses. With its comprehensive features and user-friendly interface, Urban Piper POS empowers businesses to efficiently manage their operations, from order taking to payment processing. This advanced POS solution offers functionalities such as menu customization, table management, online ordering integration, inventory tracking, and staff management, ensuring smooth and streamlined operations. Urban Piper POS also provides real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing businesses to make data-driven decisions and optimize their performance. Whether it's a small café or a large restaurant chain, Urban Piper POS is a reliable and innovative solution that enhances efficiency, improves customer service, and drives business growth.

ARI Retail POS

Ari Retail POS is a comprehensive point-of-sale solution specifically designed for retail businesses. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, Ari Retail POS enables retailers to efficiently manage their sales, inventory, and customer interactions. This robust system offers functionalities such as barcode scanning, inventory management, sales reporting, customer loyalty programs, and integrated payment processing. Whether it's a small boutique or a large department store, Ari Retail POS provides retailers with the tools they need to streamline their operations, enhance customer service, and drive business growth. Its intuitive interface and customizable options make it easy for retailers to tailor the system to their unique needs. With Ari Retail POS, retailers can effectively manage their inventory, track sales trends, engage customers, and make data-driven decisions to optimize their business performance.


Vasy ERP POS is a comprehensive point-of-sale system integrated with Vasy ERP, offering seamless sales, inventory, and customer management. It enables efficient transaction processing, supports various payment methods, and provides real-time inventory tracking. With robust reporting and analytics, businesses gain valuable insights. Integration with Vasy ERP ensures data synchronization and streamlines operations. Customizable and scalable, Vasy ERP POS caters to diverse business needs, making it a powerful solution for optimizing point-of-sale operations

Revel System

Revel System is a feature-rich and versatile POS solution designed to meet the needs of various industries, including retail, restaurants, and hospitality. With its intuitive interface and robust functionality, Revel System offers seamless order processing, inventory management, and customer engagement tools. It supports a wide range of payment methods, including mobile and contactless payments, ensuring convenient and secure transactions. The system also provides real-time reporting and analytics, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions. With its cloud-based architecture, Revel System offers scalability, mobility, and centralized management. Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, Revel System provides a comprehensive POS solution to streamline operations and enhance customer experiences.


ERPLY is a powerful and comprehensive retail POS system that caters to businesses of all sizes. It offers a wide range of features and functionalities to help streamline operations and enhance customer experiences. With ERPLY, you can manage inventory, track sales, process transactions, and handle customer relationships efficiently. The system supports multiple payment methods, including cash, credit cards, and mobile payments, ensuring flexibility and convenience for both you and your customers. ERPLY also provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing you to gain valuable insights into your business performance and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, it offers integrations with e-commerce platforms and supports multi-location management, making it ideal for businesses with multiple stores or online presence. With its user-friendly interface and scalability, ERPLY is a reliable choice for retailers looking to optimize their operations and drive growth.


Loyverse is a user-friendly and feature-rich POS system designed for small businesses and independent retailers. It offers tools for transaction processing, multiple payment methods, and digital receipts. With inventory management capabilities, you can track stock levels and receive alerts for low stock. Loyverse also includes a built-in loyalty program to reward customer loyalty. Detailed reports and analytics provide insights into sales performance and customer behaviour. Being cloud-based, you can access data from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. Integration with accounting software and e-commerce platforms further enhances efficiency. Loyverse is an affordable and intuitive POS solution for small businesses.

EPOS system hardware and software features

best electronic point of sales 3.jpg For the best EPOS system, we need to consider some hardware features as well as software features required.

Software features

  • Credit card and debit card processing feature
  • Loyalty program and gift card offers
  • Appointment scheduling
  • Inventory management
  • Customer relationship management feature
  • All kinds of business-oriented reports
  • E-commerce support feature for selling products online and in retail shops.

Hardware Features

  • Touch Screen display
  • Barcode scanner
  • Cash drawer
  • Payment terminal required for processing payment through debit and credit card
  • Receipt printer


When evaluating POS systems, several factors come into play to determine the best fit. We consider hardware costs, available features, ease of use, and integrations with other software. A crucial aspect is assessing a company's reputation and gathering real user reviews to gauge customer satisfaction. We carefully examine the range of features offered by each POS system and assess their usability. Additionally, we explore integrations to identify which POS systems seamlessly connect with popular accounting software and e-commerce platforms. By considering these aspects, we can determine the most suitable POS system for businesses.

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