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About digital presence and SEO

Digital presence means how a business presents itself online, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website more visible in search engines.


Digital is an electronic technology that works only on digits 0,1. It generates, stores, and processes data in only two terms; positive and negative. Positive is represented by 1, and negative is represented by 0. It is related to or used by computer technology. Digital transformation is essential for any business to grow in the future. New and transformative technologies are entering the workplace, allowing companies to innovate and succeed in an increasingly digital world. In the 2021 due to pendemic advanced digital transformation has increased. This transformation develops the best strategy, organizational structure, and deployment to stay ahead of the market.


Digital presence means how a business presents itself online. It may include a business website, social media accounts, online business directory listings, search engine results, paid online advertising, email newsletters, or digital transactions such as buying or selling products. It means that how a business materializes on the internet or needs online visibility. That online visibility is achieved by creating a website, having a blog, having a linked-in page, having a youtube channel, having a Snapchat account, having an Instagram page, etc. that is known as online visibility.


Now a day we are living in the era of globalization. It is necessary for everyone, and it should be possible with the help of the digital platform. The importance of digital presence has increased a lot in this pandemic. Pandemic has increased and removed a lot of opportunities. Digital existence offers you the chance to be more visible, Prospective employers to know more about the industry, How things are changing, What recruiters are doing? With the help of a digital presence, thousand of potential customers can see your business on search engines, social media, and industry forums. Digital means live online, earn online, buy online, sell online, and performing all business related activities online. It provides global face for your company product and services. It is easy to expand and locate. The digital presentation allows businesses to engage with the target audience, enhance credibility, and maintain reputation. It has a vital element of success going forward.


Digital transformation is reinventing businesses. Every enterprise faces a choice between innovation and extinction. Digital transformation is not about a specific technology is about business strategy. It creates a business model on the backbone of technology. Technology helps to improve businesses. It enables your business and allows you to be more productive, more efficient, and more effective. When the pandemic entered the new year, it required isolated business, an organization with a digital strategy made the transition transparently. Digital transformation is not an option but an essential element of success.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of making your website awesome in the eyes of search engines like google. For example, anyone who has a website for their business wants their site to show in the number one spot in Google search results. So there is SEO (search engine optimization). It helps move your site closer to that number one spot on the first page of search results. Search is one of the main ways to find content on websites. Higher search engine rankings can lead to more internet traffic. There are several different search engines, but 90% of searches are on google.


The work of SEO is to rank websites on google. It works like put a website on the internet. Google searches BOTs, finds the site, analyzes it, and then google ranks it. Search engines like Google use algorithms or rule sets to determine which pages to show for agiven query. Our website has to go through some processes like


While creating any website, a webmaster tool has to be used. Websites, blogs, videos submit in the webmaster tool. By doing this, search engines know that new information has been added to the website. Website are also discovered without the submission, but it is always a good idea to submit.


After submission to the website it copies, all the pages or content on the website. It saves the pages in the search engine that works on that server. It is also known as a web spider or web robot because it is an application or automated script which browses the internet in an orderly, automated manner.


When google BOT visits your website. Then it indexes the content of your website. In this process, search engines crawl your pages, collect content information and add the prime key to its index. It is very similar to a book, where an index tells you where everything is. When the user searches, it shows that information with the help of the index.


After these three processes, the category and ranking of the website decided on which page it is. It depends upon the relevance of the website. It also increases the internet traffic means high-rank high traffic. Google considers dozen of other factors as well when ranking your site. Some of them are very technical some are non-disclosed. The two most important factors are


It involves writing great convenient content. That uses the matching keywords that searchers are searching. Making sure content is readable and well arranged.


If other websites link to your website, that's like a vote of confidence in the eyes of google. More websites that point to the site the more trustworthy your site become helping your site ranked even higher in search result.

there are three types of SEO


Local SEO is the technique of optimizing that appears first when people do a local google search. It means presenting the business visible in front of the local users. The search engines put developing the visibility of local and regional fields in the search result. Local SEO enables you to put important information online on your site, like company name, address, phone number.


It helps a website to increase ranking on the search engine web page. It refers to everything that can help website to perform better in search engines and drive more targetted traffic to the website. In this content, headers, meta keywords, linking etc is taken into consideration.


which is not present on the page is called off-page SEO. It refers to all the actions taken by the websites for establishing. It improves both users and search engines see yoursite in terms of credibility, authority, popularity, and relevance. Is is mostly related to back links creation for the business website.


Search engine optimization is a prime part of online marketing because search is one of the principal ways users navigate the web. Search results are present in an ordered list, and the higher the site in this list, and more traffic it will receive. An improvement in search engine rankings can lead to more websites, traffic, and possibly more business. Because of this, many businesses and website owners will try to manipulate search results so that their websites appear higher on the search engine results page (SERP) than their competitors.

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