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Car rental systems, how to boost yours..

Car rental systems and how to boost your car rental system.


Demand for mobility has skyrocketed all over the world. Only during the pendemic users are opting more for personal vehicles. But as the pendemic resolves in 4-5 months time ( may be in year 2022), demand will surpass all previous records due to high level of digitalization that has taken place during this time. Tourism is also gonna bouncing back as the current pendemic passes away. Tourists prefer private transport instead of public transport. Due to this, easy online rental businesses have grown a lot in the tourist areas. Even for a short distance, a marriage party, everyone likes to get ina hired car and sit comfortably. The car rental marketplace provides all these facilities for the customers. A business which lets users access these features with least hassles wins.


Business which help people to co-own vehicles. Car depreciate irrespective of whether it is in use, fully utilized or not. Vehicle just keeps standing and keeps getting worse. In that case, people can rent their car for a few days or hours in the car rental marketplace. In return, the car rental company gives a good amount to the owner.


A business is only good after a potential customer knows about it. Marketing plays a principal role in the success of any business, unless it adopts the right marketing approach and executes it well, it is hard to succeed in today's competitive market. Some innovative marketing tactics can help to generate more revenue from your current rental fleet by leveraging marketing efforts to make customers understand why your car rental services are better than your competitors.

these are some marketing channels by which you can promote any business well

  • SEO and DIGITAL MARKETING Today everything has become digital. We get all convenience of buying goods and services through the internet. Digital marketing is also known as online marketing for acquiring new customers. In this Social media marketing (SMM), email marketing and web-based marketing are involved. People who want to do business should actively promote their business on popular social media platforms.

  • MOBILE APP The marketing efforts targeted towards handheld devices are called mobile marketing. Android phones are more popular now-a-days then a desktop computer. Mobile marketing enables customers to book car rentals conveniently with just a few easy clicks from their mobile. Mobile apps give the company a competitive edge and helps build brand loyalty.


Software programmes can be installed in onsite server or cloud, and can be accessed as a website, or mobile app. It is the backbone of any business because digitalization is necessary for any business to grow. It plays a "major" role in automating the core processes of car rental businesses. The software helps to book, collect payments, periodic vehicle maintenance to reporting and analytics.


  • station based: the customers pick up and return the car at a fixed or a predefined location. It is a round trip program that requires members to start and finish their travel at an alternative location. In this customer must sign the required document on the site. After signing and paying, the customer can take the car anywhere. In the end, the customers return the vehicles to the specified rental location and lease the terminated.

  • Free-floating: in this there is no fixed picks up and drop off points. Customer starts their trip at one location and finishes it at another location near their destination. This type of rental saves both money and time as well. But this involves more coordination from owner for collecting cars after booking finishes. These car-sharing operations typically charge per minute.

  • P2P( peer to peer): E-commerce platforms shaped various services like business, transportation, food delivery etc. There is also impact on car rental business, which has been given a new direction by e-commerce. It's a web platform for car owners to receive passive income and lease their vehicle for a short period when they do not use it. P2P connected car rental market area rent them to customers instead. P2P online platform does not own any cars and deal in heavy assets.

  • Hire driver+car: typical system in which an end-user hires car with driver for the duration.


  • Trust: The car owner should feel comfortable letting people they do not know about driving, habits and styles, drive their car. Similarly, the person renting should not damage the cars, but this is not always true.
  • Driving challenges: Many travellers are not aware of the traffic rules of the other country and drive the wrong side. It is not possible to provide training to each user, challans/fine by legal authorities are issued after booking is finished in most countries. Owner have to bear these costs many times.
  • Collecting vehicles after booking finishes is not always easily.
  • Covid challenge; In this pandemic, people do not go outside to get things and work done want a home delivery option. In that case, they ordered daily essentials online. In the same way, if they go outside, they want eco-friendly cars. Car rental companies provide the sanitized car at-home delivery to encourage more and more customers because Cleanliness is the first preference.


  • Minimizes fuel costs and parking costs.
  • reduce circulation fumes.
  • improved air quality and reduce carbon emissions.
  • reduces congestion on roads.
  • increases the chance of finding a parking space.
  • the most preferred mode for transport; Renting a car is one of the easiest and the most effective travel solutions. Car rental companies offer deals and discounts which can save money.
  • availability and use; People from different sectors can use it for business, leisure and other purposes. Providing online, offline booking services, automation rental reservation and management. All these features attract more customer attention.


Advances in technology should strengthen the car-sharing industry. This business is already expanded and established in the market. The car rental industry is growing very fast, and the demand for this industry will grow further. Now, in these times everyone wants a luxurious lifestyle in major cities. A lot of people can't afford a car, that's why the car rental industry took place so that everyone can enjoy it at a low cost.

How we at sigroo can help you. We have expertise in creation of mobility systems. create this type of rental management software because of better software, better support, a better value. It enables owners to track and analyze booking, accept online booking and payments and manage rentals online.

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yes, since we started using gps trackers , it decreased our fuel wastage by drivers a lot

by miranda at Fri Sep 17 2021
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